Eat Life with a Big Spoon

I was just running and thinking about how it is easy to fall into drab routines doing the same thing day in and day out. To me this pace of life is as close to death as we get while still breathing. We need to stay hungry. To keep fighting the good fight, to keep pushing forward toward our big dreams. Which will always mean taking on challenges and making some sacrifices along the way. Long days, hard work, digging you heels in, and pushing forward. Keep running toward the light inside you. Stay hungry. It does not matter if your dream feels so impossibly far away. Even better if it does, that means it is big enough to be worth chasing down. My father used to equate huge ridiculous tasks to eating an elephant by yourself. But it all starts with one bite. One change in your daily routine, one step outside your comfort zone. Living baby! We are meant to be dreamers, to be lovers, to be happy. In this moment you are perfect, and as such you deserve to pursue all the crazy things in your heart. Love your life and it will love you back. Stay hungry and you will always be full of yourself!