Dude, could you imagine a world where everyone laughed with each other and did acts of kindness for no reason, where you could feel the happiness in the air so thick that it would feel like a perpetual hug of amazing? Of course you can. We can too! It’s all about connecting with each other and spreading happiness!

We want to build a warm sense of community and bring everyone together; there are so many strangers in the world who could be friends! We also want to remind the world that we all have the remarkable power to help everyone around us. Now that’s a cause worth standing for! Or rolling around and giggling for. Whatever floats your boat!

So where do we begin to create such a ridiculously awesome world?

There are opportunities that present themselves every day. Opportunities to spread kindness, opportunities to connect, and—YES—even opportunities to share joyous high-fives. A very wise person says that if you put kindness into the world it will come back ten-fold. TEN-FOLD!? Seriously? Have you ever tried to fold anything 10 times??? It’s just like riding a ridiculous merry-go-round. Besides spreading happiness makes you feel so good. Go ahead and help someone and try to feel bad afterwards: it’s pretty much impossible.

We know it is not always easy to connect to others, meet new friends, or even to step out of your comfort zone. We are here to help with that too. Our Happiness Revolution will feature a new different Happiness Campaign every 6 months that highlights opportunities for you to spread kindness and to connect with other people.

Join our community of do-gooders, happiness-instigators, and smile-spreaders. Check out what’s going on now and join the HAPPINESS REVOLUTION!!!


We spent a few years sitting in a dark room trying to figure out the secret to spreading kindness and making people smile. And what we discovered was two things:

  1. It’s really hard to work in the dark. Seriously, that’s ridiculous.
  2. It all starts with you.

Every time you interact with someone you have the sheer awesome power to completely save their day, or at least make it WAY better.

Have you ever seen a parking meter about to expire, someone who is carrying something that is too heavy for them, or perhaps a grandmother who is cartwheeling near a busy road??? These people need HELP, MAN. And you don’t need a cape to save the day (but that would be pretty sweet though). It just takes a minute to change the course of someone’s day, month, year… so be their hero and carry that box, pop a quarter in the meter, or join Nana in cartwheeling at the park. Choose to remain anonymous if you want—the overall effect is still so cool. Leave a Kind Leading the Kind card at the scene of the kind, snap a photo and share your act at:


Instagram & Twitter using #Kindhappens

and maybe soon we will all be reading about how your kindness started a revolution. OR if you EXPERIENCE a Random Act please SHARE IT WITH US! These are the moments that inspire those around us. It pushes us all to be the best version of who we can be. We are all on this merry-go-round together, so help out family, your friends, or even a stranger and spread the happiness! Live Happy, Give Happy!

There is an old saying, “Give someone a toaster and they will have a toast to you. “ Wise words to live by.