Happy For No Good Reason is Born!

Happy For No Good Reason is Born!

The Happy For No Good Reason Company came into being as my final project in business school before the van trip. The phrase “happy for no good reason” was something that followed me around since I could remember. Come rain or shine I am always smiling, cracking a joke, and trying to lift others up to get to that same place.

HFGNR has always lived in the background as a someday project that I would constantly daydream about. It has been a dream that has gained size, momentum, and friends for almost a whole decade.

In 2012 I was involved in an accident in Kenya that led me to be medivaced back to the States. After getting back on my feet, it was time to pull this dream into reality. We never know how many days we have left so we kinda need to make the ones we do have count! It was after all of this that I decided I would much rather spend my days chasing a dream down than working a job that I didn’t absolutely love. I spent all the money that I had saved up to register a trademark before I had to go back to working as a general contractor. As HFNGR was coming to life I worked building houses thinking up YouTube videos and shirt concepts while hanging off ladders, working on roofs, and in crawl spaces.

The Happy Company has not only come to life but has become larger than life. So many wonderful people have rallied behind this concept and made it into a reality. It would not exist without all the love and support of all my wonderful family, friends, and staff. Having multiple people share this dream is what it’s all about and have everyone experience it for themselves is the next step.

We hope to accomplish three main things with Happy For No Good Reason:

1. Spread happiness, including but not limited to, smiles, laughter, smirks, giggles, belly laughs, snorts, chuckles, snickers (not the candy), and over all good feelings.
2. Bring people together and connect communities. Giving people a cause to rally behind!
3. Help others- Through Happy Campaigns in the Happiness Revolution and through our giveback wing Happy to Help.

We are attempting to create a new culture, a new world of loving feel good happiness. And it is really all of you that make it possible- we are just the dreamers. It is all of you that bring this wonderful dream into a wonderful reality. There are so many delightful things that are happening all the time here. And we all just feel lucky to be a part of all of it!

Long live the Happy!