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Happy to Help Give Back

We live in a beautiful world filled with all the possibilities of tomorrow, and teaming with all the opportunities of today. There are many people across this world that could use a helping hand to be able to reach this same wonderful place.

At Happy to Help we love working with Kids! And we believe that it is our responsibility to provide for the next generation. To help them realize their BIG dreams and push them to achieving just that. Besides working with kids is awesome and they look at the world in some pretty amazing ways.

For this reason we have partnered with a wondrous nonprofit called DREAMS.

DREAMS believes that no matter what a child´s circumstances, he or she is entitled to the best that life has to offer…and that the instinctive, creative, healing nature of the arts play a key role in making a wounded child whole. DREAMS provides programming each year to more than 800 young people and their families-including multidisciplinary arts classes( art, film, photo, dance, music), family arts events, workshops led by visiting artists, tickets to cultural events, and much more. They offer over 60 classes per week at more than 15 sites. And each year, they employ more than 30 teaching artists who share their vision of a world where every child has the right to self-expression and the opportunity to create a life filled with promise and hope.


This money helps pay for the teachers, supplies, and programming that makes all of this possible. We all can make a wonderful difference in a child’s life when it matters the most.

Check out more about DREAMS and their Mission.