Hard Core Happy Values


Hard Core Happy Values

I think that as humans we seek and crave the same core values. We all want to be loved, needed, supported, and challenged. We all want to have amazing relationships with ourselves, our friends, and even to find romance! We don’t all desire popularity, wealth, power- to me these are more shallow emotions, and these things will not feed your soul. Without your core values met, these emotions, even wealth, are worthless.
It is also important to state that strong positive emotions such as happiness, love, acceptance, forgiveness, and excitement is something that we all feel in the same way. You are never alone in these moments. People will feel a connection with you positive emotions because they experience it in the same way. Your happiness becomes their happiness- emotions are contagious.
Negative emotions such as sadness, jealousy, anger, or fear are also something that we all feel in the same way. And it is important to realize that you are never alone in these moments either. Somewhere there is someone else feeling lost, feeling alone, feeling worn out, and scared. They are feeling the exact same emotions as you. What an interesting and amazing concept. These emotions are a necessity, a vital part of our lives. They provide balance and a level of understanding to our positive emotions. How do you know how good you have it if you have never experienced loss, anger, or fear?

It is all of these emotions that bind us and connect us to one another. We are all start as the same person and evolve into our own skins. I met lots of people every day and see lots of faces passing in the crowds I move through. I spent my morning today talking with a complete stranger, an older lady at coffee shop. It was fun to listen to her stories and rest for a minute. Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and connect with someone on any level. As humans we are not designed to be totally alone all the time. We need to connect with one another- it’s a very primal and wonderful thing. It will feed your positive emotions and you will feel more like a part of this big old world.

I understand that not everyone feels comfortable chatting up people at coffee shops but there are a million excuses to me new people including common interests such as various clubs and different hobbies, all the way to volunteering.
Get out into the world and connect. Reach out to your friends and family and appreciate all the magnificent things that these people do to make your life stupendous!

Happy Looks Good on YOU!