I Long Live the Happy!

In the beginning

Hello World! Josh Here!

I am grinning ear to ear as I sit down to jump into this new Happy For No Good Reason Blog. It would seem that every time that I sit down to start one of these blog things I have just decided to do something ridiculous, awesome, and miles away from the normal day to day grind. I wanted to give you a little bio on past blogs to give you a clue what you might be getting yourself into!

The first blog I wrote was called “Home is where the Van is” which was like giant college graduation party. This adventure led me to move into a minivan with a wonderful gal named Elizabeth whom I had the pleasure of meeting 5 days before the trip started. The trip would last almost 3 months and we would travel 11,000 miles driving the circumference of the United States. We made beer in Nantucket, hot air ballooned in Albuquerque, hiked the Grand Canyon, drove dune buggies in Oregon, gambled in Vegas, listened to blues in New Orleans, and visited 22 national parks on the way. We lived and laughed every day. It was an adventure that everyone should get out and have on their own.