Join the Family

Did you know that right now, in this very moment, you could be wearing the exact same shirt as someone else? You could be united in this perfect moment where the two of you are flying kites in the same clothes and giggling in the same fashion.

Or maybe you are both chopping wood or sticking jellybeans in your nose or even cartwheeling! Wouldn’t you want to know if that was happening? We would. Totally. That’s just crazy! Send us a photo of you in your Happy for No Good Reason Gear.

We want to see you playing, laughing, cartwheeling, and having a good time in it. Extra points for being SILLY. Send these photos to us on Instagram #HFNGR or email it to us ( and we will add you to the website that is run by NINJAS. YES, flipping NINJAS. Whoa. Can’t wait to see you! GAME ON!

Candid? CAN DO!