Our Story

Happy for No Good Reason is a lifestyle brand that is bathed in optimism, kindness, and a boat load of happiness. It’s like wearing a high-five to life. It’s a cartwheel that you can put on your body. It’s clothing that says, “I live loud and—Gee Golly!—let’s have some fun.”

Happy For No Good Reason was born in 2018; its success is a product of so many wonderful friends, family, and the amazing cast of characters we call the Staff.

In June 2011, Josh moved to Kenya as a US Peace Corps volunteer to help start and manage local small businesses. He was humbled and amazed every day by the generosity and warm, strong sense of community expressed by his Kenyan neighbors.

Once back in the US, Josh found himself driven to reestablish this generosity and love in community and to foster sharing happiness; he wanted to inspire us to reconnect with one another. To experience true joy, unbridled love, the affection of others, and real laughter is to feel life at its best! And it all starts with being Happy For No Good Reason.

There are 3 main themes to this happy company:

1. Happiness: Life is what you make of it and being happy takes dedication and understanding. When you choose to be happy not only do you feel better but you spread happiness to those around you.

2. Community: You are not alone, the things you are going through are valid and there are many others probably dealing with the same stuff. You matter so much and you have a whole community supporting you!

3. Help: You have the power to make a difference , to share and spread a smile, to give back, and to feel useful and to have a purpose. 

We use our clothing to spread joy, connect communities, and to give back to those that need it most. Please check out our Happy Campaigns under our Happiness Revolution page, and also our Give Back Program called Happy to Help. Amazing things are coming! Get ready!



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El Capitan (said with a suave Spanish accent)

Josh is a goofball. He loves life and grabs all the gusto. That’s a lot of gusto. He served in the Peace Corps helping locals start businesses in Kenya. White water rafted the Nile dressed as Santa Claus. And he has proudly been a mentor in the big buddy program for the seven last years. He likes long walks on the beach, puppies (who doesn’t) and Chinese food. And he thinks you’re pretty awesome.



Graphic Design Ninja Master and Arts Aficionado

Kara is a happy go lucky talented artist with an eye for designs that are made with 100% happiness. She was trained by art gurus from around the world and has earned the admiration and respect of all the people. She keeps us looking good, and well respectable which is a full time job.



The Chief Marketing Expansion General of Research and Company Goombahness

Don’t let his calm exterior full you Chris is always hatching out a new plan to put together some ridiculous campaign, design, or something else that has the ingredients of fun, happiness, and magic. He specializes in out of the box thinking so effectively that he has never even seen that box before.



The Photo Duchess of Wilmington

When Dana picks up a camera you see the best side of what she sees in her world. She makes ordinary moments basically rock socks off. If a picture is worth 1000 words hers are worth like over 4000. I mean seriously try and wrap your brain around that. That’s 1000% RIDICULOUS.



Ringmaster and Overall Lion/ Shirt Tamer

Vanessa lives life on the wild side when she is not keeping the rest of the team in line she enjoys collecting fans and awards at karaoke competitions and winning at life in a big way. She has an infectious laugh and people love her crazy curly hair.