Half Full

By Josh Stehno




Some say the glass is half full, some say half empty, engineers say it’s more glass than you need, and a Peace Corps Volunteer will tell you “I can bathe in that.” Regardless of what’s in the cup you are toasting with, we know it’s at least half full of all the awesomeness you got going on. Life is its own version of perfect, and so we raise our half-full glass to you! Cheers!

These shirts are the exact same colors as the adult shirts just in KIDS SIZING. We will be updating the product photography on our next shoot! But it should be noted that these guys are still kids just a little bit older 🙂 We do our best to display colors accurately but please be aware! SPECIFIC COLORS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON MONITORS

Additional information

Weight .625 lbs

Kids T-Shirt


Green, Red, Yellow


8, 10, 12

All garments come with your very own HFNGR Logo stamped on the back.

Our Garments:
High quality garments made to last
Designed and Printed in North Carolina
All Products made with REAL LOVE (accept no substitutions)





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