By Kara Garrett




Hey all you cornballs! Do you always have a series of amazingly timed knock-knock jokes at the ready or do you ever need help getting out of a Chinese finger trap? Oh thank heavens! We can totally be friends. And check this out: we used to have this unicorn named Norm that would tell silly jokes ‘till his voice got horse. What’s the point? It’s on his head of course. This is a high hoof to you, Norm; thanks for all your unbridled corny jokes!

These shirts are the exact same colors as the adult shirts just in KIDS SIZING. We will be updating the product photography on our next shoot! But it should be noted that these guys are still kids just a little bit older 🙂 We do our best to display colors accurately but please be aware! SPECIFIC COLORS WILL VARY DEPENDING ON MONITORS

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Weight .625 lbs

Kids T-Shirt


8, 10, 12


Green, Blue, Red, Yellow

All garments come with your very own HFNGR Logo stamped on the back.

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Designed and Printed in North Carolina
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